ABB’s Czech engineering centre celebrates 10 years of serving global markets

2012-11-23 - European engineering centre for the Process Automation Division continues to expand; has experienced 50% growth in the past years
ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies, today celebrated the 10th anniversary of its European engineering centre in Ostrava. The centre was opened in 2002 and provides solutions for the company’s Process Automation division. There are only two centres of this kind in ABB, one in the Czech Republic and one in India.

The Operation Centre in Ostrava has more than 140 employees, who provide engineering for ABB’s businesses across Europe, particularly to Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, UK, Ireland and Sweden. The centre’s headcount has almost doubled over the past two years, and this year it hired 50 new engineers. This growing operation offers great career opportunities for graduates, particularly from VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, as well as jobs for engineers from the entire region. The excellent qualifications of the engineers in the Ostrava region have made this growth possible.

“Investing into our global manufacturing and service units, such as ABB’s engineering centre in Ostrava, is our priority in the long term,” said Hannu Kasi, Country Manager ABB Czech Republic, adding: “I am proud of the achievements of Czech engineers and the importance of the centre in Ostrava for the European process automation market, which delivers engineering for projects with high complexity and state of the art technologies. “

Engineering is the key component of ABB’s advanced system deliveries within this market, and the engineers in Ostrava are work on projects all over the world, across different industries like Oil & Gas, Marine, Pulp & Paper, Mining and Metals. The centre is unique to the Ostrava region, offering interesting and challenging work for engineers in a truly international environment, and across several engineering disciplines.

“It is quite exciting that our engineers in Ostrava are sitting in Ostrava and designing technical solutions for the most advanced offshore supply ships in the world, considering the distance from the sea,” said Hannu Kasi. “Customer retention is of key importance for sustained engineering efficiency and quality, and we have been successful in this respect in the Czech Republic in the long term. The expected growth in sales of this unit is at least 20% per year.”

ABB Czech Republic’s Operation Centre in Ostrava mainly focuses on the development of software applications for industry, on programming automatic machines, including hardware design, information technologies (IT) and IT security, the design and commissioning of drives and the design of low and medium voltage electrical components. The centre has also started to offer mechanical engineering, and sees a good growth potential for this in the metals, automotive and mining industry in the Ostrava area.

The centre has long-standing experience in the field of electrical design, the programming and commissioning of distributed control systems (DCS), the commissioning and servicing drives. It offers a complete portfolio of engineering services as well as individual solutions for continuous and batch manufacturing, from design to implementation.

Ostrava has become an important contributor to the engineering solutions offered by the Process Automation Division; global managers from all businesses in the Division visited Ostrava today to mark its10 year anniversary..

ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Groupof companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 145,000 people. In the Czech Republic, ABB operates in 8 locations, employing almost 3,200 people. The Process Automation Division employs about 30.000 people worldwide, and delivers complex industrial drives, electrical and automation system solutions to oil & gas, marine & cranes, mining, metals, paper and other industries.