Create new robot-control HMIs with smart phone simplicity

2013-10-15 - Production Screen, ABB's newest user-friendly HMI, brings smart phone logic to the robot-controller device, giving robot operators easy access to information, the ability to launch apps and to display widgets.
ABB Product Screen brings smart phone logic to its robot-controller device, the FlexPendant. The new software package uses graphical objects, known as widgets, to perform basic robot functions. Widgets can be created using either ABB ScreenMaker or third-party software such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

“Thanks to smart phones we’ve learned to take simple graphic interface configuration for granted,” says ABB Product Manager Per Loewgren. “Production Screen is an easy and familiar way to customize a FlexPendant just like a smart phone.”

The software’s on-screen customization and user-friendly navigation are designed for use with a variety of applications such as arc welding, spot welding and dispensing. Widgets can be programmed to perform information, control, monitoring and notification functions. Customers simply choose which widgets they need as well as what they should look like. Ready-made widgets and apps also can be shared and downloaded from ABB’s application library, Robot Apps.

“Production Screen is a cost effective way for robot operators to interact with the robot directly from the FlexPendent,” adds Loewgren. “Its production environment puts the operator in control by bringing only the relevant functions to the forefront, which allows robot operators to focus on production-related data and to work more effectively.”

ScreenMaker is a software package, available from ABB, which allows users to create customized FlexPendant GUIs. It eliminates the need to learn the visual studio development environment and .NET programming.

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