ABB technology increases reliability at new Belarus solar park

2017-11-01 - ABB’s System pro E power switchgear solution selected for 74-acre Smorgon Solar Park substation

As part of the commitment to the generation of alternative energy, $40 million (USD) has been invested in developing the Smorgon Solar Park, one of the largest photovoltaic installations in Belarus. Generating 16MVA for the local power grid (enough to power 3,000 homes), the park has become the first in the country to install ABB’s main distribution switchboard solution, System pro E power.

Specified by Ruelta Joint Co., market leader in the production and supply of safe and reliable electric equipment in Belarus, ABB’s innovative System pro E power solution was selected as a flexible and easy to assemble low-voltage switchgear to meet the reliability, efficiency, protection and timeline standards that its operators demanded.

ABB furnished a modular transformer substation with low-voltage switchgear based on the ABB System pro E power solution. Ruelta assembled the substation and switchgear, employing simple and adaptable assembly methods of System pro E power, designing and manufacturing the substation in less than 30 days.

“ABB’s 3D models and software tools helped move the project along quickly,” observed Maxim Pronyakin, Managing Director of ABB in Belarus. “We provide these to our partners at no cost.”

System pro E power can be assembled in a foolproof fashion according to any of a number of logic sequences, with just a few part numbers for 120 enclosure sizes. Every type of application can attain protection classes up to IP65.The simple, symmetrical system employs modular uprights and crosspieces joined together by a patented system of axial screws.

“The Smorgon site is the first in Belarus to use this system,” said Ruelta’s Production Director, Alexander Kostyuk. “The low-voltage equipment is designed to fulfill all electrical installation requirements in terms of degree of protection and electrical characteristics. It meets the latest standards and works in perfect synergy with all of ABB’s other low-voltage equipment.”

The Results: Reduced space and costs with heightened efficiency

Smorgon Solar Park operators were delighted with the 20 percent size reduction in the substation enclosure that Ruelta and ABB attained using System pro E power. The smaller size both saved valuable real estate and lowered costs.

“Simplicity and high speed of assembly were very important for us,” noted Oleg Osipenko, Chief Engineer for the Smorgon project. “This project is a huge investment, and we were really impressed by how quickly it got going.”

Today, the Smorgon plant has been fully integrated into the public grid. The efficiency of its System pro E power has been proven in ABB laboratory tests, and it fits perfectly with all the other ABB components used on the site.

“ABB is a very strong partner for us,” said Ruelta’s General Director, Vasiliy Shchemelyov. “We plan a lot of similar projects for Belarusian companies. Green energy is definitely our future.”