ABB improves interlocking bars for FT Flexitest™ switches

2017-11-28 - As ease-of-installation and efficiency becomes an increasing priority for customers, ABB introduces enhancements for its FT Flexitest switch.

To make it easier for users to install, ABB has improved the FT Flexitest FT-1 and FT-14 switch interlocking bars. With the previous interlocking bars, there was a need for a second screw (one on each side). With the introduction of the new interlocking bar, ABB has removed the need for the second screw since the interlocking bars use self-tapping threads. In addition, the new interlocking bars are also easier to remove as you only need to unscrew one side of the bar.

The new and improved interlocking bars also reduce assembly time by at least 30%. This time-saving measure will help to increase efficiency for customers.

With installation time reduced, the new interlocking bars provide great cost savings and value.

*Style numbers have not changed so users can use the same existing style numbers when ordering the interlocking bars.

Interlocking barsFT-1FT-14
2 positions12705479669A19G02
3 positions11640489669A19G03
4 positions02C9834G039669A19G04
5 positions02C9834G049669A19G05
6 positions02C9834G069669A19G06
7 positionsNot applicable9669A19G07
8 positions02C9834G079669A19G08
10 positions02C9834G059669A19G10
14 positionsNot applicable9669A19G14

Interlocking tie bar