Delivering the standard for substation communications

As the IEC 61850 standard for substation communications becomes business as usual, Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) designed to implement the core values of the standard are having a significant impact on how railway engineers are designing, testing and commissioning systems
The Relion® 615 series

Including devices for the protection and control of feeders, motors, transformers, line differential and voltage and frequency protection, ABB’s Relion® 615 series is characterised by its compact plug-in design, ease of use and comprehensive protection functions and feature GOOSE communication over a secure Ethernet network.

The IEDs are adaptable to a variety of applications and the latest models support PRP and HSR, which offer full redundancy in substation communication.

Retrofitting advanced line differential protection
Part of the Relion® 615 series, the RED615 offers phase-segregated, two-end protection and control and communicates with substations over fibre-optic link or galvanic pilot wire connections.

On trial by London Underground, the IED achieved advanced functionality on legacy copper communication infrastructure over long distances of up to 19 km. With the RED615 replacing numerous traditional style discrete relays, the RED615 offers great potential as a retrofit solution.

The new Relion® 620 series
Embracing the latest IEC 61850 developments, the 620 series includes IEDs for feeder, motor and transformer protection and control. All members of the 620 series have a compact plug-in design, which contributes to a shortened mean time to repair and speedy installation and commissioning.

Like the 615 series, the 620 models feature PRP and HSR, meaning there will be no communication down-time in case of a single point of failure. In case hard-wired signals are required for communication with devices that do not use GOOSE communication, the 620 series members’ wide casing has enough space to add multiple inputs and outputs.

The 620 series is adaptable, easy to operate locally and arc protection is optional to ensure safety of both personnel and equipment. Security is another important feature of the series, with four password protected access levels preventing unauthorised access.

    – The feeder protection device, the REF620 protects cable or overhead line feeders
    – Protection to transformers is available from the RET620, which is for power, unit and step-up transformers in distribution systems
    – REM620 is a dedicated motor protection and control IED for medium and large asynchronous motors in medium-voltage applications.
Members of the Relion family of IEDs