Look Back to ABB Robotics Asian Value Provider Conference 2017


June 27-28,the 10th ABB Robotics Asian Value Provider Conference was held successfully in Hangzhou, a city known as "Heaven on Earth". Let's look back to it!

Grand occasion with more than 700 attendees

Digital registration with everything within fingertip

LBU Manager, ABB Robotics China, James Li

Managing Director, ABB Robotics, Per Vegard

ABB Robotics Marketing and Sales Manager, Steven Wyatt

Industry Insight - Jack Cheng, Co-founder & Executive vice-president of NIO

Coffee break seemed to be a gathering of old friends

Head of ABB Robotics Product Management, Hui Zhang

ABB Robotics Product Manager Bert Thorvaldsson introducing RobotStudio

Industry Insight - Dr.Guo Hongtao, Chief Architect of Automation Technology
and Owner of Intelligent Manufacturing of X Labs in Huawei

Signing ceremony: ABB Robotics and MJ Intelligent System

All together 10 breakout session topics

Breakout sessions cover all kinds of industry and application, from collaborative robots to Connected Services, from painting application to sequencing solution, from RobotStudio to IRC5 I/O

Night falls. Let's enjoy the beauty of Hangzhou

Over 700 guests gather together to provide more value

A dance of light and shadow turned on the night

Per Vegard and James Li proposing toast

During the Gala Dinner, to thank and celebrate the great achievements the value providers had made, three awards were given.

Outsatanding Performance 2017:Shanghai Huatai Digital Control Co.,Ltd

Most Innovative:Guangdong Topstar Technology Co.,Ltd.

Lifetime Achievement:TOGARI IND CO.,LTD

Gala Dinner ends in the beautiful music

On the second day, we came to ABB Customer World to see the robots exhibition and feel the fantasy of what ABB offers.

Flexible automation solution for small part assembly

U-disk assembly line simulation

YuMi 3C product assembly, testing and packing in one system

SCARA IRB 910SC flexible sorting

IRB 120 face recognition and sketching

Robotic Sequencing Solution

After receiving the instruction from the warehouse control system, IRB 6700 takes the bins from the upper-layer conveyor and places them onto the corresponding shelf or takes the bins from the shelf and transfers them to the under-layer conveyor.

Aided by a 3D vision system, an IRB 1200 picks items from various bins and places them on the conveyor after receiving the instruction from the warehouse control system.

Join the interaction game on Wechat at ACW, you may receive a gift from ABB robots personaly. There's a really long line!

RobotStudio@ virtual commissioning and Augmented Reality for continuous press automation

IRB 6700 de-palletizing, loading to the hanging conveyor chain and unloading, and palletizing at the end of the chain
Besides fantastic exhibits, ABB Robotics also signed several strategic cooperation agreement on site.

Signing Ceremony: ABB Robotics with Shanghai Tongcheng

Signing Ceremony: ABB Robotics with Huanghangweishi

Signing Ceremony: ABB Robotics with TJ Innova Engineering & Technology Co.,Ltd

Signing Ceremony: ABB Robotics with Vanward

Signing Ceremony: ABB Robotics with Volvo - Connected Services Project