Tip of the Week #12: How to order an unlisted item?

2015-02-03 - Tip of the Week #12: How to order an unlisted item?
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Unlisted item is a functionality in Business Online that allows you to place an order for a product that doesn’t exist for any ABB Supplier. You can use this feature if the Add Unlisted Part selection is enabled. If you have the following setting, put the unlisted product name in the search field and then add the product to cart. Once you have done that you will see a form informing you that your product is unlisted.

In this form you have to fill the mandatory fields (Suppliers and Order Type). Finally you can add this product to cart and follow standard steps. In the cart section you will get the notification that you have an unlisted item. The price of it will be added after your order will have been booked.

Credits/Content: Dawid Michalik