A new lease of life for power transformers

ABB’s transformer re-manufacturing service offers a new lease of life for ageing or faulty power transformers, enabling them to be completely rebuilt and returned to as-new condition, or even upgraded to a higher specification.
As well as being cheaper than buying a new transformer, ABB’s fast turnaround service will have a transformer back in operation in around one third of the normal delivery time for a new unit.

Re-manufacturing service
The re-manufacturing service is targeted at medium and large power transformers from any manufacturer, not just ABB. It includes on-site assessment of the transformer’s condition, and arranging for it to be collected and delivered to the ABB factory in Drammen, Norway. There, the unit is stripped down to its component parts before being rebuilt with the same care and attention to detail as a new transformer. ABB will then return the unit to site and install and commission it.

Better than new
ABB’s transformer re-manufacturing service provides the flexibility to opt for an upgrade to ‘better than new’ specification. This could be as simple as a change in voltage rating or could extend to a complete re-design to a higher power rating. Other upgrade possibilities include enhanced cooling or rewinding coils with Nomex® high temperature insulation material that boosts power as well as offering significant improvements in lifetime and reliability.

Transformer remanufacture