ABB Low Voltage Drives earns “Delivery Award-A” from Daikin McQuay

2013-04-09 - Award given for ABB's help with a drives conversion, on a stringent conversion schedule
New Berlin, WI, April 9, 2013 ABB Low Voltage Drives recently was awarded a Vendor supplier award from Daikin McQuay; the award was presented to the manufacturer that met the Strict On Time Performance condition for the conversion to ABB’s ASC320/ACH550 brand-labeled variable frequency drive from Group Schneider’s Altivar 212/312 drive. This condition included maintaining an aggressive five-month conversion schedule.

Daikin McQuay History:
As part of Daikin Industries, a Fortune 1000 company, Daikin McQuay is the largest air conditioning, heating, ventilating and refrigeration company in the world. McQuay produces HVAC indoor, Outdoor Rooftop units, Air and liquid cooled Chillers. Daikin McQuay also manufactures Coils, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, Unit Ventilators, Condensing Units, and Water Source Heat Pumps. Their drive requirements on HVAC Indoor & Outdoor Air Handlers include:

* 230, 460, 575 VAC 1-50 HP
* IP20, and IP21, Plenum rated
* Integrated Build Management communications
* Branded Labeled (Eyebrow & 24VDC cover) for Logo Placement
* Keypad Software (Daikin McQuay Logo during startup)
* Daikin McQuay Specific Parameter set per Machine
* Blank Boxes used for Aftermarket
* Engineering & Marketing support

Design Ready Controls (DRC) packages ABB drives for Daikin McQuay. DRC configures and manufacture the highest quality control panels for OEMs in the HVAC, Oil & Gas, Water and Alternative Energy markets. DRC’s proprietary APE™ software technology, combined with operational excellence, provides the best delivered value in the industry through reduced costs, improved quality, shortened delivery lead times and faster speed to market for our customers. DRC previously was packaging Group Schneider’s Altivar 212/312 drives for Daikin McQuay.

The Challenge
In recent years, ABB had shifted from OEM-specific products to non-configurable Late Point Definition (Software, UL Labeled) product that presented a challenge for obtaining new OEMs with business opportunities ranging up to $4 million.

But with the introduction of ABB’s new ACS320, there is a dedicated location for branding on the Drive eyebrow, and 24VDC I/O Cover that enabled ABB to have a product solution for Daikin McQuay’s need.

ABB OEM Sales team manager Carl Tuch notes that a drive solution like the ACS320 “ paves the road for helping a wider range of OEMs with drives that are ideal for their applications and challenges.” He noted that critical changes to ABB’s business philosophy helped earn this business, and open prospects for earning orders from additional OEMs; these changes include:

* Order Entry: Key Account managers dedicated to OEM-specific accounts
* Product Management and ability to work with the Factory and Purchasing
* Product Modification: Slight variance to the existing product and the ability to have Late point Definition by Daikin’s System Integrator (DRC)
* Application Engineering support: All hands on deck to support transition
* Excusive Management support to help Close and Manage the project

It was the Teamwork approach and capitalizing on the motivated employees in the LV Drives group that allowed ABB to capture the business. Personnel from Engineering, Application Engineering, Legal, operations, sourcing, and Customer Service worked together to meet the expectations of Daikin McQuay, Tuch noted.

ABB earns award from McQuay