ABB launches power converter diagnostic tool to ensure higher uptime

2016-09-16 - TIMELINE Tool helps optimize power converter service and maintenance costs by providing early diagnosis, thereby avoiding costly emergency repairs while maximizing productivity.

TIMELINE Tool start screen

A performance monitoring tool for ABB power converters is launched at InnoTrans 2016, 20-23 September, Berlin. The software tool helps optimize service and maintenance costs over the power converter’s life cycle and reduces costly emergency repairs.

The TIMELINE Tool records and synchronizes system data from AC800PEC controllers to a database, using time as the common reference. Data, such as events and trending, can be accessed through the latest web-based browser with tailored functionalities allowing the plant operators to focus on essential content thereby helping early diagnosis.

The tool continuously monitors the status of the power converter system and responds with predefined diagnostic actions such as data collection, processing and reporting when changes occur. Trigger events can be unexpected converter stoppages, alarms or parameter changes. This data can be extremely useful when seeking to determine the root cause of an event.

Key features and benefits of the new TIMELINE Tool:

§ All converter events and measurements sorted and timed at a glance, ensuring maximum productivity at all times

§ Reduced data conditioning time ensures higher power converter availability

§ Minimized and easy fault analysis enhances site maintenance skills

§ Fast data investigation by operator helps reduce risk of failure and minimize downtime

§ Safe, fast and user-guided reverification of system protection tests

§ Easy access through a common web browser

§ Intuitive interface design allows target-oriented approach

Process performance is optimized by gathering long-term statistics. ABB power converter specialists can access stored data using an encrypted Internet connection. They can then easily and efficiently guide the maintenance engineer through the fault-finding procedure and the implementation of corrective actions. The TIMELINE Tool also helps cut maintenance costs by reducing on-site work.