New product launch: COMBITEST CAT III Test Handle

2016-11-23 - Internal release announcement

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to announce the release of new COMBITEST Test Handle. This new product meets CAT III safety levels of IEC standard, offering a high degree of personnel safety and can accommodate touch-safe banana plugs.

The design is based on the existing COMBITEST portfolio, offering the same compact footprint, interface and ease of operation to the user. CAT III Test Handle complements the existing portfolio – ideally suited for markets where the regulations demand higher safety levels

RTXH 8-1 for use with RTXP 8
RTXH 18-1 for use with RTXP 18
RTXH 24-1 for use with RTXP 24

Target markets
The new Test Handles will be first introduced into selected markets only. However, the requests from other markets will be evaluated case by case.

Messaging and value propositions

  • Design adapted from proven COMBITEST test system
  • Offers higher safety levels
  • Compact- space saving
  • One Test Handle for all configurations of a given type of Test Switch
On offer from Oct 2016

Delivery time
Typical lead time is 4 - 5 weeks.

Collateral and content
  • Brochures
  • Product presentation
For enquiries about this product, please contact your local ABB Grid Automation representative.

Kind regards,

Gopi Venugopal
Global Lead Product Manager
Grid Automation Products
Manjunath AJ
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products