GSC FI is proud to present a new product category: softstarter spare parts

2018-02-05 - This news piece also gives instructions for changing the user preferences in BOL and thus giving you the visibility for the spare-specific info.
Dear all,

          As of today we have started selling the softstarter spares via BOL. This is a lucrative new business for us. If you desire more information about the soft starters, you are welcome to contact mr. Jouni Nurmimaki.

          BOL has different views for spares and for products. To see the spare-specific info you should change your user preferences.

          Instruction to change the user preferences in BOL:

          Please notice that if you have selected from user preferences search setup: Spare Part or Product it might show you dissimilar item view from each other.

          Therefore, it is better to have Not defined setup so you are able to see all products without any problems.

          Default Product View: Not defined

          However, if you do have this selection in user preferences: Spare Part or Product please request your local BOL super user to change this setup from CAM (Common authorization management) as empty.