ABB’s Henri-Bourassa facility awarded Level 3- Bronze certification from RECYC-QUEBEC

2013-10-24 - The ICI ON RECYCLE! program from RECYC-QUEBEC recognizes the efforts organizations have taken to manage their waste material responsibly to help protect the environment.

The Level 3 – Performance, awarded to ABB, is the highest level of recognition. It is given to facilities that have achieved high performances in reclaiming residual materials - by implementing measures to reduce, re-use, recycle and reclaim at least 70 percent of their waste.

ABB’s Henri Bourassa facility in Saint-Laurent has been ISO 14001 registered since 2000. This certification addresses various environmental management aspects and provides practical tools for organizations to constantly improve their environmental performance. As such, many projects have been put into place to improve the businesses waste management processes.

In November 2012, ABB hired experts to conduct a one week study to identify where high levels of waste were being created and recommend improvements.

The office projected the evaluation would determine a waste recovery percentage of less than 70 percent, which would result in a Level 2- Commitment certification from ICI ON RECYLCE! with the goal of improving processes to attain a level 3 bronze, silver or gold award next year.

Following the inspection, the office is proud to announce they already meet the LEVEL 3 Bronze criteria with a 79 percent recycle rate (just one percent under the silver level award)!

“We introduced several measures in recent years that helped us achieve this goal,” says Sylvain Hébert, Environment, Health and Safety Coordinator for ABB Henri-Bourassa. “Besides paper and cardboard, significant amounts of wood, metal and electrical cables previously disposed of are now recovered or recycled. These initiatives highlight ABB’s commitment to protecting the environment.”

Earning this award garners public recognition of our achievements and commitment to preserving the environment and establishes ABB as a leader in responsible residual materials management in our sector.

“Great things have been implemented so far, but there is still room for improvement. Projects are being analyzed and we expect more changes in the coming months. We are setting our sights on the Gold level award of 90 percent recovery for next year,” adds Sylvain.

One of the principles in environmental management is that every little action counts. Your active contributions are key to helping improve our efforts in protecting the environment and its resources.

Congratulations to ABB Henri-Bourassa personnel for this great achievement and for keeping ABB green!

Waste management and other environmental initiatives at Henri Bourassa:
    Wood Pallets: Large 1.2 x 2.1 m wood pallets used to transport building material were previously discarded upon delivery. The facility has put into place a reusable metal buggy system that facilitates the transport of material to and from the supplier, eliminating the need for wooden pallets. This new system has resulted in a reduction of wood consumption by 20 metric tons a year.

    · Lighting: A 14 percent reduction in electricity has been made possible by the installation of new lighting systems that utilize low- consumption florescent tubes.

    · Water: 44 percent reduction in water consumption per year. One of the most effective water saving initiatives has been the installation of automatic flushing systems in the bathroom urinals to replace the previous system that flushed on 15 minute cycles regardless of need (wasting 1litre of water per flush).

    · Metal and wires: Excess wire pieces and small metal scrapings are collected and recycled for a saving of 7.6 metric tons per year.

    · Recycled materials per year (approximately):

        o Plastic: 1.5 metric tons
        o Paper: 12.3 metric tons
        o Cardboard: 11.0 metric tons
        o Other materials: 2.4 metric tons