Landmark ABB UHV transformers sent to Kammer substation

2010-03-18 - Electricity Today magazine cover story features an ABB article, written by Georges Imbeau from Varennes, on three massive 765 kV Ultra-High Voltage (UHV) transformers successfully tested and delivered for ABB utility customers AEP and Allegheny Energy.
ABB has successfully tested and delivered three massive new 750 MVA, 765/500/13.8 kV, single phase auto-transformers built for a tie-in between ABB utility customers American Electric Power (AEP) and Allegheny Energy (AE) at the Kammer Substation in West Virginia that will increase electric transmission capabilities, thus strengthening the system reliability in the region and facilitating inter-state power flow.

Electricity Today magazine has featured large ultra-high voltage (UHV) transformers, built at the ABB transformer facility in Varennes, Quebec, Canada, as its cover story -- including an impressive photo on the magazine cover showing these large transformers en route to West Virginia

The article is written by ABB project manager Georges Imbeau from Varennes. Congratulations to Georges and the entire ABB team on this breakthrough testing and transport of these impressive transformers.

Landmark UHV Transformers go to Kammer Substation in West Virginia
By Georges Imbeau, ABB Inc.

Electricity Today (cover)
Electricity Today cover story article by Georges Imbeau, ABB