Increased energy efficiency in buildings with ABB EQmatic

2017-09-13 - The new EQmatic Energy Analyzers are a compact solution for storing, visualizing and analyzing energy consumption data. The web-based user interface can be configured according to individual requirements and makes it possible to identify energy thieves and sustainably optimize energy costs.
Rising energy costs are forcing companies to focus more and more on optimizing energy management. The primary goal of successful companies is to reduce energy consumption to remain competitive. Studies have shown that detailed energy consumption measurements and evaluations create greater awareness for more energy efficiency. Companies can cut their energy consumption by up to 20 percent by using EQmatic.

For this, ABB has a wide range of intelligent measuring and analysis technologies. With the EQmatic Energy Analyzer, ABB is offering the first solution for storing, displaying and analyzing electricity, gas, water, and heat meter data via M-bus. This makes energy flows and costs transparent, allowing companies to monitor them in buildings.

Individually configurable dashboard provides comprehensive features

16 or 64 M-bus meters can be connected to the two new devices. The data collected from the M-bus subscribers is stored locally on the device. Access to EQmatic is managed via a web-based, easy-to-use user interface. Users can decide for themselves which information, graphs, and data should be displayed. This is done with a freely configurable dashboard, which gives users a quick overview of costs and consumption.

The wide range of features also includes things like the analysis of historical data. This analysis breaks down the costs and consumption of the individual meters up to three years. A detailed breakdown of the cost distribution reveals which consumers affect which costs. This information can be used to design more efficient consumption. Inefficient devices or so-called energy thieves can be detected, and the costs for lighting, air conditioning, sockets, compressors, pumps, etc. can be optimized. For further data processing the collected data can be exported into various formats.

EQmatic allows users to compare time periods as well as consumptions in different buildings (e.g. hotel building A and hotel building B). Real-time instantaneous values are also possible and allows users to create up-to-date statements on various consumptions of the building being monitored. Users can select different data points such as power, voltage, or current etc. It is also possible to check whether the consumers are functioning within expected parameters. With the entirety of the predefined analysis functions, the devices help to implement an energy management system in accordance with DIN ISO 50001.

Optimized energy management solutions are becoming more and more important for companies

The new ABB energy management solutions offer several unique advantages. The new Energy Analyzer is quick and easy to put into operation, as it requires no additional computer or PC software. This eliminates the need for complex software installations or possible operating system updates. The ABB system is scalable, so companies can start with just a few meters and expand the system when necessary – all in line with “lean energy management” principles.

EQmatic convinces with its low installation and integration costs. The ABB EQ meters (A-/B-Series) for the DIN rail are automatically detected after connection, so that no further commissioning work is required. In addition to cost efficiency, this ensures minimal time investment. Safe data communication is guaranteed via SSL data encryption.