Release of Clionet® – Online Service

We are pleased to announce the release of Clionet® – Online Service, the first Clionet end user web service!


  • Contains useful information for you about medium voltage protection relays in the following categories: relay products, grid automation, communication products, system products, life cycle services and software tools.
  • As registered user of the service, you get access to the database with over 500 answered questions, guidelines and tips on how to best optimize the use of relays
  • Information is current, reliable and provided by the manufacturer’s specialists and can be used throughout the life cycle of protection relays
  • Provided information helps you to stay continuously up-to-date about relay protection issues
  • Knowledge of ABB life cycle services helps you to secure and optimize your investment in a predictable, safe and low cost manner
  • Practical information is easily available on-line 24/7
Target users

Operators and maintenance staff in utilities and industries as well as life cycle service providers around the world.

Free registration into practical user hints

The registration process is easy – just visit our homepage >
Distribution Protection & Control > Clionet - Online Service and add your contact details to immediately access the database.

Join us online!