State-of-the-art printing house with ABB’s building automation system

2017-10-19 - “Booksfactory” is an interesting example of how efficient manufacturing can be combined with energy efficient building automation under one roof
Image courtesy of Print Group

One of the most advanced printing houses in Central and Eastern Europe is located in Szczecin, western Poland. On 5,000 square meters, Print Group, the owner of “Booksfactory”, has created an office part and a production hall, where nearly 100 book titles are manufactured every day on efficient digital printing machines, mostly for international publishers from Western Europe. It is equipped, among others, with motion detectors, temperature sensors and systems for monitoring energy consumption in individual rooms. All critical installations and systems – heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting and shutters – are automated, making the “Booksfactory” a truly intelligent building, fully equipped with a control building applications. These help save energy and cut down on the building maintenance cost.

INLOGIC, the company who was responsible for the investment project and integration of the complete solution, has selected ABB as a supplier of the building automation system together with a package of wiring products and electrification solutions. By integrating key installations and systems, many features and activities that determine employee comfort, including temperature adjustment inside the premises or lighting control depend on the presence of people in a room, and can be controlled from a tablet or a smartphone. Every employee can also individually adjust the temperature and lighting within his/her workplace.

“The entire building is divided into heating zones to enable users to set a comfortable temperature for their zone or let the system set it automatically. In addition, once you finish your work, you can use your tablet or smartphone to check if the windows are shut, and turn off the lights, air-conditioning or heating remotely,” says Magdalena Bretes from INLOGIC, which for 20 years have been designing and installing building automation based on KNX standard.

Image courtesy of Print Group

The automation system selects the heating or air-conditioning level based on the outside temperature and data from sensors, thermostats and presence detectors installed within the premises. When a window is open in a room, for example, the system automatically turns off the air-conditioning. When employees leave a room or when the alarm is armed and all lighting circuits are off, the temperature is lowered. The functions can be easily modified or customised to the client’s specific needs.

Employee security is also ensured with an alarm system, using access control features and an entry/exit monitoring system.

“This is a very useful feature for manufacturing companies, especially in the printing industry. It may be critical in emergency situations, when evacuation is necessary,” says Lukasz Bedzinski from Electrification Products division, ABB Poland. “All in all, we’ve created an integrated solution that is a great example of intelligent building, making the manufacturing and office work more comfortable, more efficient and greener.”