Business Online 8.0 and new User Interface - Released to Production

2016-06-06 - Group Commerce Applications is proud to announce the successful deployment of the 8.0 release of Business Online Web Front-End (BOL WFE) on Saturday, June 4th.
We are pleased to announce that the new BOL WFE Major Release 8.0 has been available since Monday June 6th 2016.

The main feature of this release is new requirements according to approved Business demand, fixes and a New Web User Interface! The latter is a significant milestone; initialized in 2013 as a mitigation plan for (poor) user satisfaction surveys and progressively have been changing the look and feel of our main functionalities. Last year; on May 13th 2015, BOL reference team took the decision and accepted the challenge to deliver the BOL New UI to Production on June 2016, thus in one step migrating all 13k of our users.

The main focus of the new User Interface change was to improve the external ABB customer experience; making BOL WFE more appealing and easier to use. The majority of the features and pages have been fully migrated to the new look and feel, aligned with ABB Branding guidelines; however some remaining features and pages, mainly used by internal ABB users and/or limited usage, have undergone a semi migration process, such the pages have been reused and framed into the new portal framework and navigation concept, allowing the users can carry out their daily work as before; at acceptable cost/benefit considerations.

I would like to THANK YOU all who has been contributing to this achievement which would not be possible without great dedication, contribution and teamwork on every level throughout the past few years.

In addition to the New User Interface, this release provides user-specific improvements, based on the prioritized business requirements received from the Business Areas within the Divisions.

Please watch this short video explaining new BOL usability experience available on ABB TV.

Need for more training materials? Following this link and navigating to Video library section, you will find quite extensive eLearning materials explaining BOL features with New User Interface.

List of delivered user specific functions and features with the release can be found in attached Release Notes.

BOL r8.0 Release Notes.pdf

For additional information about the new functionality please check available training material for Super Users here or contact:

Per Ivars

Jakub Sus

Service Manager
Business Online WFE
Group Commerce Applications, GF-IS

Release Manager
Business Online WFE
Group Commerce Applications, GF-IS