Maintenance release of REB500 Ver. 7.60 (7.60.14)


A new revision of the REB500 version 7.60 has been released. The new revision designation of the REB500 is 7.60.14

The following issues have been corrected / improved in the new revision:

  • Display Date & Time on local human machine interface
    Date & Time is displayed with the local human machine interface on the Central Unit and the Bay Unit. The information is displayed in an addition submenu. The time resolution is in seconds.

  • Display Time synchronization status
    The synchronization status is available in case the IED is synchronization to IEC 61850-8-1 (SNTP) or IEC013. The information is displayed in an addition submenu. The status can be configured as signal to a binary contact.

  • Display Measurement values
    Invalid Measurements values are displayed with the symbol '-'.

  • Automate Off line modus in HMI500
    Open a new configuration file in HMI500 forces the Tool communication into offline mode in case the IP address within the configuration file is different.
Recommendation to update
Due to the nature of the improvements, the update is not mandatory. However, to be able to benefit from the changes, a firmware update is necessary.

IED Connect support
Updating to the new firmware does not require any changes in the used HMI500. The revised HMI500 version is only mandatory if one of the two additional signals in revision 7.60.14 are
  • 41850_Time not in sync
  • 41705_Start BB Zone L0
Ordering and delivery
New orders of REB500 version V7.60 will be delivered as revision 7.60.14

Firmware update of the IED can be performed by the local ABB. If you have any questions related to this maintenance release please contact SA-T Supportline.

Please note that it is extremely important that you will report back to us via SA-T Supportline when the update of the concerned IED has been completed. This information is needed to keep our product register updated and to ensure right information to the right local ABB units also in
the future.

Kind regards,

Christian Pinzon
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products