ABB’s next generation robotic Cartridge Bell Paint System speedy and efficient

2014-03-26 - The only fully integrated robotic solution for internal charge water-borne painting, with up to 50% time savings during color change.
ABB first introduced its robotics Cartridge Bell Paint System in 1998. Made from cast and machined aluminum, this latest innovation, the Compact CBS II, is the only fully-integrated robotic solution for internal charge water-borne painting. The lighter, faster and more efficient design is more closely integrated with the system’s components and reduces color exchange time as much as 50 percent when compared with other solutions.

“We’re excited to provide our customers with this upgrade,” says ABB Product Manager Steinar Riveland. “The new solution is the only product on the market that fills paint cartridges at varying speeds and pressures to prevent unwanted effects on the water-borne material. The entire color exchange process takes less than 10 seconds.”

Able to complete the color change cycle in tandem with the painting process, the Compact CBS II is fully integrated with the robot controller. Other improvements include the addition of servo motors and drive units to the run train circuit for precise angular positioning and process control. These new drives can easily be integrated into existing installations. The Compact CBS II also has been outfitted with dual DCUs for precession filling and dosing of paint material from the paint cartridge. The second DCU eliminates the need for flow meter.

“Because there are two DCUs, they can swap roles. One will be engaged while the other is being filled for use during the next paint cycle,” explains Riveland. “All of these improvements mean one thing: Our customers will find upgrading to the Compact CBS II a significant time saver over other products on the market.”

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Compact CBS II