Updated prices, Currency rates and Terms & Conditions for RMMG

2018-01-02 - Please have a look new updated documents and infromation

Dear Customers,

Updated prices for RMMG spares parts have been valid from 1.1.2018. New prices have been available in BOL since 1.10.2017 for info. Previous News was made 7.11.2017.

In case parts are sold by RMMG Production with another currency than their own currency there might be small adjustment for pricing as currency rates will be changed this week (latest 5.1.2018). Currency rates will be according to ABB budgeting rates 2018.
Please have a look changes for your account.

Also there has been loaded updated Terms and Conditions which you can see normally in BOL on line level. Here is a link to that document.

Please read them carefully.

In case you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Ari Muhojoki
Strategic Product Management
Product Group Service
BU Motors and Generators

Susanna Vilenius
BOL Application Owner
Product Group Service,
BU Motors and Generators

Thank You!

Best Regards,