ABB supports biodiversity at eco-sensitive dunes on Cape West coast

2014-09-23 - ABB contributes to Atlantis Dunes nature conservation at Mandela day event.
The Atlantis Dunes Off-Road Executive (ADORE) began working with the City of Cape Town Nature Conservation Department about four years ago to ensure the continued use of Atlantis Dunes as a 4x4 venue.

An important part of this work is promoting the image of responsible, sustainable and people-friendly 4x4 drivers to the Department, the City and the local community.

Nature conservation Mandela day event

The aim is to encourage teachers and children from the Reygerdal school near Atlantis to experience the sand dunes. The benefits: experience the beauty and fun of the dunes and teach children the importance of environmental responsibility while seeing the ecosystem at work first hand.

The first Mandala day event, organised between the Department of Nature Conservation and ADORE was a success and has been repeated ever since. This year's event was attended by the children and teachers, the local councilor and city representatives.

Local businesses like ABB South Africa get involved and support the event. The Spur Foundation provided meals, Total Garage Parklands gave snack packs and a goody bag with toys, Starke Ayres Garden centre gave each child a gardening starter pack and toys, while Mitsubishi Paarden Eiland loaned two vehicles for the day.

The teachers gave a talk on the environmental and social importance of Atlantis dunes and a lecture on safety.

After this, the children were entertainment by the 4x4s. Frans Bouwer from the ABB regional office in Cape Town provided his 400hp Corvette powered Prado named Tyson.

The children strapped themselves into the 4x4s, engines screamed and sand went skyward. The young ones squealed in delight at the fun of riding the sand dunes in a 4x4.

The event was filled with fun for the children and taught them about the delicate biodiversity of the sand dunes at Atlantis. Local business such as ABB, the community, the City of Cape Town and the 4x4 owners and drivers all helped make the event special for the children.