Looking out for ourselves and our colleagues

As part of its commitment to business ethics, ABB has launched a new campaign that will raise the bar on workplace health and safety. Safety of employees, contractors, customers and others affected by our operations is of vital importance, which is why we launched the ‘Don’t look the other way’ initiative.
Put simply, the core message of the campaign is that ABB employees and their colleagues should not look away when they see potentially unsafe acts or unsafe conditions and that they should instead report them immediately. Based on the fundamentals of: prevent, detect and resolve, ABB’s employees at every level of the organisation have the responsibility to ensure safe working.

Multiple reporting lines
The goal is to avoid the risk of injury by putting in place a system where employees will consult with others if they have any doubt about ways of working or compliance. Multiple reporting channels are available to all employees, who can approach any one of a number of individuals, including their own manager, a specialist integrity officer in their own country or at ABB’s headquarters, a neutral ABB Ombudsperson, the human resources team or our business ethics hotline.
And while the campaign extends through every level within ABB, it also reaches out to business partners, who can report any perceived risk through a hotline for business partners or via our human resources team, corporate communications, sustainability, quality, audit or finance teams.
All reports are followed up, investigated and brought to full closure. By giving our employees and stakeholders multiple reporting channels and enforcing a rigorous non-retaliation policy, we ensure that risks are detected and prevented.
Building on ethics
In 2013 and 2014, the Ethisphere Institute named ABB as one of the world’s most ethical companies in recognition of its leadership in ethical business practices. The designation is awarded to companies that promote ethical business standards and practices internally, and also exceed legal compliance minimums and shape industry standards by introducing best practices.
CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer said: “A culture of integrity is a prerequisite for a world-class business. Many valuable customers choose to do business with us in part because they know ABB behaves in a responsible and ethical way, and that we respect the needs of individuals, society, and the environment.
“At ABB, performance is measured not only by the results achieved, but also how these results were achieved. This is why our stakeholders can rely on the fact that our services, operations, and daily business are based on ethical behaviour.”