What Keeps A CEO Up At Night: What If I Don't Get This Digital-Industrial Thing Right?

2017-03-21 - Forbes NewTech article written by Ulrich Spiesshofer, ABB's CEO
In the near future, when intelligent sensors that anticipate problems slash unexpected factory downtime drastically, we’ll wonder how the world got by before this innovation.

When consumers are able to cut energy usage significantly by having visibility into not only their consumption patterns but also attractive data-driven solutions, we’ll ask ourselves why it took so long.

When process-manufacturing companies are able to reach unimagined levels of quality and productivity by infusing their machinery and systems with software and intelligence, they’ll find it hard to recall the way things used to run.

But for CEOs who think the digital-industrial era is just a fad, or who believe that their company or their industry will somehow be immune to the transformative upheavals that digitalization is creating throughout the global industrial marketplace, the only musing or introspection that will be taking place will be focused on two questions

  • How did I miss this generational shift?
  • And how can I possibly close the competitive gap with competitors who are now thinking digital and creating digital, and are dazzling customers with digital innovation?

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