Manufacturer Expands Production of RIP Bushings

2016-11-11 - INMR article - November 5, 2016
The trend seems unmistakable. After decades of development and refinement, dry bushing technology is now clearly in ascendancy in relation to the oil-impregnated paper style that has dominated this business for many decades. Whether the main driver is safer failure mode, less environmental impact or reduced fire risk, resin-impregnated paper (RIP) bushings and now also resin-impregnated synthetic (RIS) types are fast becoming the preferred choice for a wide range of applications. This market shift is also driving expansion of production volumes for RIP bushings. Indeed, one of the market leaders has been making significant investments to increase plant capacity, especially for higher voltage units. INMR recently visited ABB’s Ludvika production facility to meet management and to discuss the drivers behind this development as well as how these are impacting what is happening in the factory.

According to Hans Linder, the past few years have been marked by a surge in production capacity for RIP bushings. Says Linder, Sr. Vice President of Transformer Components at ABB in Sweden: “we have seen an important trend in the energy field towards more HVDC as well as UHV projects. This in turn has been driving sharply increased demand for dry bushings. We have begun preparing for this.”

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