Lifetime service for power system assets

It’s vital to maintain assets to ensure optimum performance, to prolong the life of equipment and avoid costly equipment failures. ABB offers a comprehensive service that supports critical assets so that customers continue to enjoy safe, reliable, efficient and profitable performance from their assets, large or small and whatever industry they serve.
With the people skills and in-depth knowledge across the full spectrum of power systems, ABB can support the day-to-day operations of all the major business sectors, including:

- power generation
- utilities
- industrial processes
- transport
- construction
- public sector
- renewable energy
- data centres.

Our service is not restricted to equipment supplied by ABB – we can support equipment supplied by just about any manufacturer.

Understanding unique service needs
ABB’s approach to service is based on customer collaboration which together with our knowledge base and skill sets enables us to provide service solutions tailored to meet individual customer requirements.
Our customer support can commence at any stage of product ownership, from pre purchase engineering to attending factory acceptance testing, end of life expectancy and all stages in between. We can assist with training of customer personnel, through to planning preventative maintenance and execution of all works.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)
By implementing an SLA our customers benefit from guaranteed 24/7 technical support; a scheduled agreed preventative maintenance plan and guaranteed agreed rates for any unplanned maintenance. By contacting our 24 hour hotline, our customers have instant access to our technical support and skilled maintenance teams who can effect round the clock emergency repairs to their network.

ABB’s Service Strategy
At the centre of our service strategy is an understanding of the customers’ assets. In-depth knowledge of the actual status of equipment is based on the recorded history of assets, review of their design and advanced diagnostic techniques. This enables us to identify potential faults before they happen and put in place condition-based maintenance schedules or take corrective action.
ABB has a network of certified regional service hubs around the world, from which we can provide a fast response. Personnel with the right qualifications and certifications operate under rules and regulations to ensure reliable and safe operation, whether the customer is operating in distribution of power for utilities, railways or power generation.
Wherever possible, we carry out all work on-site at the customer’s facility but when more extensive work is needed, full factory repair and refurbishment of major plant such as transformers can be arranged in one of our specialist facilities.

ABB specialises in the service of all aspects of electrical power distribution equipment and networks from switch gear, transformers, cables and control systems, from
400 kV down to 400 V for utility, industrial and public sector customers.
ABB engineers use dedicated HV test vehicles to identify disruptive and costly system faults on the network. Permanent cable faults are precisely located using a combination of pulse echo, impulse current and capacitor discharge devices. Excavation and cable jointing is then carried out to restore the network.
Our customer tailored maintenance plans which include inspection, maintenance and repair enable our specialist engineers to ensure that critical high-value network assets are maintained in optimum condition, to guarantee maximum reliability and safety.

ABB has been awarded a principal contractor license from Network Rail, enabling ABB to act as a main contractor to carry out turnkey power supply projects throughout the UK.
For trackside work our team of service engineers and technicians has a high regard for safety and are PTS (Personal Track Safety) accredited, with awareness of the typical hazards and safe working practices of the rail environment and electrical systems.

Offshore wind
Wind turbines are complex machines and ABB offers specialised training for many products to suit the needs of wind turbine manufacturers, power plant operators and service providers.
We are developing our team of trained field service engineers for the fast-growing offshore wind business. Trained operatives can offer a 24/7 service to substation operators, either on a full substation basis or on discrete products. With offshore wind assets growing in number, ABB’s engineers and technicians are increasingly in demand.