Marine motor set to conquer markets on shore

2017-11-13 - ABB launches the M3LP 500, a water-cooled megawatt marine motor, originally built for the very largest ships, now for general industry applications such as mining, manufacturing, and water and wastewater treatment.
ABB has a solid track record in water-cooled motors, with thousands of machines sold. Building on the same features and customer values, the M3LP 500 is the largest water-cooled low-voltage jacket motor from ABB to date – carrying on the strong tradition.

The M3LP 500 is a strategic motor for ABB, set to become a flagship product. It has a higher power density, a lower noise level and a lower operating temperature than similar motors in the market. Its temperature-rise class is B on catalog values compared to class F on most competitor motors.

‘’We’re proud to rank number 1 on several important motor qualities,” says Marcus Westerlund, product manager for water-cooled motors at ABB IEC Low voltage motors.

When first launched at the Hanover fair in 2016, the M3LP 500 was well-received by a marine industry demanding ever-more powerful motors for propulsion, thrust and on-deck machinery.

As ships grow bigger, carrying heavier and heavier loads, more powerful motors are needed. But power must never be allowed to increase at the expense of safety and reliability.

“It takes best-in-class motor quality and safety to meet ship owners’ and manufacturers’ absolute demands,” says Peter Svartsjö, industry segment manager for marine and mining at ABB IEC Low voltage motors.

However, customer interest is by no means restricted to the marine industry, which is why ABB now launches the motor broadly across the globe.

“Water-cooled motors are clearly on the increase. This past year, we’ve seen a growing interest from such diverse industries as mining, minerals, water and wastewater, and manufacturing,” Marcus Westerlund continues.

Thanks to its megawatt output – paired with ABB’s renowned design and manufacturing quality – the M3LP 500 attracts motor users across geographical and industry segment borders.

“Word spreads fast and we believe the M3LP 500 will prove a great success in many applications,” says Westerlund.

Large water-cooled motors used to be a niche marine product thanks to their compactness and low-noise operation. While such benefits are indeed relevant on ships – with people sleeping next to a 6-ton motor rotating at 1,500 rpms – they are highly desirable in many other industries, too.

“Demand will continue to grow as more customers keep discovering the attractive bene-fits of water-cooled motors such as the M3LP 500,” concludes Marcus Westerlund.

Techical features:
  • Rated output from 800 kW up to 2000 kW with voltage 690 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Available in 4, 6 and 8 pole versions
  • Available mounting configurations are foot, flange and foot/flange

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