Smart energy management: Benefiting utilities, users alike

2017-08-23 - A&S International Magazine article by William Pao - August 22, 2017
Today, a rise in energy cost has become a global phenomenon. Against this backdrop, more and more people are turning to smart energy management solutions, which can benefit utility companies and end users alike.

The availability of smart energy management has widened, thanks mainly to the advent of IoT and data. “Before the age of IoT, most meters were usually localized and required manpower to physically inspect the meters. But now with IoT, these meter readings can be viewed remotely via an app on mobile devices or laptops,” said John Tan, Key Account Manager at ABB. “Such remote management reduces man hours in facilities management while allowing the end user to be more conscious of their usage and avoid wastage.”

According to Tan, smart energy management solutions are more in demand in developed regions, such as Singapore and the Middle East, where limited and scarce resources tend to make the price of electricity and water more expensive. “The trend of using IoT and big data is picking up exponentially as the Singapore Government is aggressively implementing campaigns and new policies, such as the newer and more stringent Green Mark Marking Scheme for new and existing buildings. On top of that, with the rise in water and electricity bills, it encourages home or business owners to adopt technologies that are more efficient to help monitor and manage the usage of water and electricity,” he said.

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