Symphony Plus matches the evolving requirements of Mecklenburg Power Station

ABB has upgraded the turbine control system at Dominion’s Mecklenburg Power Station, Virgina. The Symphony Plus solution will improve start-up and meet evolving operational requirements
ABB has successfully commissioned a Symphony™ Plus turbine control upgrade at Dominion’s Mecklenburg Power Station at Clarksville, Virginia.

The Mecklenburg Power Station is a 2x69 MW coal-fired generating unit equipped with fluidized gas desulfurization equipment to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and with exhaust gas baghouses to trap fly ash. The plant began commercial operation in 1992.

As with many power plants, the operational requirements at Mecklenburg have changed significantly over the course of time. These units were originally designed as base load cogeneration units. Today, the cogeneration aspect is gone and they are deployed as “corner” units, which operate between moderate and peaking load. It is not unusual for them to cycle between full and minimum load three to four times a day.

ABB replaced the existing GE-Mark III+ control system with a Symphony Plus solution that would better handle the current operating environment and address specific plant requirements. The customized solution integrates the following automation features into a single control system: automatic start-up, automatic synchronization, automatic valve calibration, speed control, runback logic, load control, isochronous control, overspeed testing and vibration monitoring.

ABB provided a turnkey solution and shortened all aspects of the delivery schedule.

Symphony Plus

Symphony™ Plus is the latest generation of ABB’s total plant automation platform for the power and water industries. This powerful, versatile and scalable platform is designed to maximize plant efficiency and reliability through automation, integration and optimization of the entire plant.It enables plants and personnel to perform at maximum efficiency. It balances performance objectives like asset availability, operational reliability and production efficiency with business goals like asset life extension, carbon reduction and regulatory compliance. In so doing, it provides plant owners with an essential tool for achieving sustainable profitable growth. There are more than 6,500 Symphony Plus installations in operation all over the world, more than 4,500 of which are in power and water applications.