Introduction program for HUT students

2012-12-10 - With the aim to help Hanoi University of Technology’s (HUT) students to have a deep understanding about ABB Group as well as ABB in Vietnam, ABB held three introduction programs for HUT’s students at Bac Ninh and Hanoi during the period from the end of November to early December.

The programs attracted closer to 80 students of the 4th and 5th years from the university’s electrical equipment faculty. ABB participants in the program were Mr. Jan Peder Dareus - PPTR LBU Manager, Mr. Nguyen Viet Phuong - Bac Ninh Branch Manager, Mr. Klaus Dieter Hildebrandt - PPHV Factory Manager and other supporting members from Hanoi and Bac Ninh. The HUT groups were led by Professor Trieu Viet Linh, Deputy Dean of electrical equipment faculty who is HUT’s representative in this program in the past few years. In particular this year, the Industrial Automation, one of the major industrial magazines in Vietnam with active communications with ABB also sent a reporter to participate in our Bac Ninh program to learn more about ABB and write about us.

Apart from the general introduction about ABB Group as well as ABB in Vietnam, the introduction about PPHV & PPMV factories in Bac Ninh as well as PPTR plant in Hanoi greatly attracted students’ attention. After the presentations, the students had an opportunity to visit our factories and witness manufacturing processes as well as ABB high quality working environment.

After the factory visits, discussions between the students and ABB managers became a very exciting part of the program where many technical questions were asked. Other interested areas were recruitment and working conditions that students were very curious to know which showed the students all desired to be part of ABB in the future.

With the successful completion of ABB introduction programs, we hope that these students will bring good impression of ABB to their future career and will support us no matter if they will be our future partners or customers or part of ABB human resource in the future.