Wonderful moments of ABB Robotics at CIIF 2017


Let's see the wonderful monments of ABB Robotics at CIIF 2017!

Global preview of IRB 1100

Outstanding capability in precision, compact and lightweight design makes IRB 1100 the best solution for small parts automation.

Government leadership to visit ABB

ABB China Media Conference

New product: ABB Body-in-White Flex Table Top Hemming system

New product: IRB 760FX continuous press automation solution with AR

3C assembly and testing line

Utilizes the magnetic grasp and springback to achieve non-contact drive

Super low dust emission to satisfy ISO Class 5 clean room requirements

ABB Robotic Sequencing Solution

The area-effectiveness per square meter is increased by more than 100%

Popular interaction game with ABB robots

YuMi coffee station

YuMi photo station

ABB AbilityTM Connected Services

RobotStudio®AR/VR Experience Center

IRB 4600 laser hybrid welding

Robot path also adjusted by laser tracking system, so the deviation caused by workpiece placement and teach point can be compensated in real time.

IRB 2600 machine tending

Equipped with ABB Integrated Vision, the robot can identify the size, shape and movement of the components.

IRB 360 FlexPicker high speed sorting of medicine bags

VP joint show:Yuanrong

VP joint show:Autoboty

VP joint show:HDC

VP joint show:Wilu

Looking forward to CIIF 2018!

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