Fan 68973708 (type: RF3D-146-180 K506 DSF-2326) replaced by fan 3AXD50000042302 (type: D3G146-AB06-10).

2017-03-01 - The price increase is +62% due to three times longer life span
Dear all,

ABB has replaced the fan 68973708 (type: RF3D-146-180 K506 DSF-2326) to the fan
3AXD50000042302 (type: D3G146-AB06-10).

Life span of the new fan reaches nine years which is three times longer compared to the previous
fan. Extended life span is to fulfil customer expectation of longer replacement intervals. The new fan
is backward compatible and can be installed as previous type.

ABB follows relevant standards and introduces solutions accordingly. ABB only uses eco-friendly
fans in its LV AC drives in order to help drive owners reduce their energy costs and carbon
footprint without incurring excessive costs.

The new prices are valid from February 17, 2017