System Integrator Partners' Day in Ukraine

2017-12-12 - On the 16th of November 2017 ABB Ukraine (UAABB) organized  System Integrator Partners' Day, where 60 participants gathered to discuss 2017 overall results and the developments for 2018.

ABB officially announced a new business model and the latest changes in its structure.

  • Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik GmbH Acquisition in 2017 (B & R) - an Austrian company, one of the regional automation leader in Europe. Starting from 2018 UAABB will offer B & R solutions for PLCs and servo drives, servo motors, operator panels, industrial computers.
  • Organizing of two local engineering centres for robotization.
  • ABB offers a new Sales model with Energy Efficiency solutions.

"In general, for the last 10 months, the volume of new orders in UAABB is increased for 27% - this figure is sufficiently high to show the extent of our aggressiveness and competitiveness, market presence, this trend outpaces the tendencies of Ukrainian Economy development, that has positive meaning this year, "said Dimitry Zhdanov, Country Executive Manager of ABB Ukraine.

UAABB Specialists focused on innovative and evolutionary products, that could be used by UAABB Partners to increase their competitiveness.

After the new ABB product presentations, System Integrator Partners, PTS LLC and Blumenbecker LLC , made their first presentations with their own solutions based on ABB equipment, that aroused keen interest of the whole audience.