India's ambitious solar plans

2017-05-11 - ABB powers and automates world’s largest solar power project
In early November 2016, the pollution level in New Delhi reached its worst levels in 17 years. A thick smog engulfed the city. Schools were closed, construction work stopped. People worried about their health. This was not an isolated incident. Across India, industrial and urban hubs are starting to reach air pollution records.

Energy requirements are constantly rising in India, as the country chases ambitious plans to be among the world’s top three growth economies by 2020. India has the second largest population in the world with over a billion people. Partly due to conventional energy generation sources, it creates some of the highest CO2 emissions in the world. These factors make it clear - changes need to be made to help reduce the country’s air quality problem.

ABB has been able to support the country’s clean energy vision and push for solar power through a number of solar projects. One such project is Adani’s solar power plant in Kamuthi, located 90 km from Madurai city in southern India. ABB provided the electrification and automation systems for the Adani solar project. The project is the world’s largest solar plant in a single location, surpassing the California-based Topaz Solar farm which has a capacity of 550-megawatts.

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