ABB i-BUS® KNX Controls Western Australian Football & Rugby

Perth, Western Australia has seen a slew of major public building projects recently, one of which is the $95 million dollar upgrade to the city’s premier rectangular pitch stadium. With building efficiency and central control an absolute necessity in every major construction project, the stadium improvements were not only cosmetic but also include complete electrical and control systems upgrades to better manage game-day scenarios.

Auto Control Systems has been contracted to install an ABB i-bus® KNX system to provide comprehensive, centralised control. Some of the features include:

Pitch Lighting
ABB i-BUS® KNX controlled lighting will provide four distinct lighting levels suitable for training programs through to the standard required for HDTV broadcasts (1400 lux). Control takes place in the main control room with local override when necessary.

Energy Monitoring
ABB i-bus® KNX based power monitoring devices provide real-time and historic stadium power usage figures. These take into account tariffs and power company specific billing specifications. Tenancy of individual store/refreshments operations are managed with billing class power meters to enable exact receipting of electricity. There is also KNX monitoring of water meters to provide real-time and historic stadium usage figures.

Auxiliary Lighting Control
Normal building lighting needs are also managed with ABB i-BUS® KNX such as control of all stadium lighting from toilets to corporate boxes to patron entry/exit points. Also managed via ABB i-bus® KNX are dimmable Dali ballasts and scene control for coloured stadium lighting in seated areas. The stadium will support the Western Australian teams by lighting up in their team colours. ABB i-bus® KNX real-time management of light levels according to environmental factors will also help to minimise power usage.

Emergency Lighting Management
Interconnection and management of all emergency lights and exit signs will be via Dali ballasts. Local and remote self-test options are managed by the ABB i-bus® KNX Dali Emergency Gateway. Error reporting and detailed fault analysis avoiding the need for a stand-alone emergency lighting system or duplicate wiring.

Integrated Control
The ABB i-BUS® KNX control room will feature a 22” colour touch display. Monitoring of all lighting controls, emergency systems and utilities will be performed through this interface. Feedback of stadium usage figures will be presented through a custom designed graphical user interface putting the right information at the user’s fingertips. Management of light scenes and lighting levels can be managed from the central touchscreen or from a tablet device which will communicate via the wireless network system.

Western Australia Sports Stadium