ABB launches new Busch-powerDock

2017-10-25 - In response to a 20% increase in demand for flush-mounted charging solutions in residential and commercial properties, ABB announces the launch of its new Busch-powerDock fast charger for smartphones.
With smartphone usage in Europe expected to exceed 5 billion (1) in 2019 and the demand for efficient charging at home, at work and when travelling ever increasing, ABB has launched its Busch-powerDock fast charger for smart devices.

For the first time, the new flush-mounted fast charger delivers a high-speed charge time for all smart devices and supports Apple lightning and USB-C connectors. Moreover, this has the highest charging power of up to 2 A.

The Busch-powerDock can charge an Apple iPhone 6 Plus one third faster than the original charger provided with the phone. It also provides energy savings, with a low standby power loss of less than 0.1 W.

Apple MFI certified, the Busch-powerDock will deliver fast charging for iPhone 6 Plus and higher devices with a maximum 5 V DC and 2.1A charging.

For USB-C smart phones with ‘Quick charge’ functionality, the dock also provides fast charging up to 9V and 2.0 A, and for devices without ‘Quick charge’ it will charge at standard mode for the model.

Commenting on the launch Mike Mustapha, managing director of ABB’s Building Products business said: “We all want to use smart devices wherever we are and the demand for fast charging is growing apace. Whether it’s an office block, a hotel or a home, we understand what consumers want and use this knowledge to create smart solutions that are easy to install and are future proofed, providing quick charging wherever it’s needed.”

The new Busch-powerDock has not only been designed to deliver outstanding charging times, but the USB-C connector option supports the move to a standardized European charging interface, which smartphone manufacturers need to implement in the future.
Easy to install, the fast charger is supplied with one flush mount insert and two charging cradles, which are suitable for connecting Apple devices with Lightning connector and USB-C devices. For further flexibility, the new fast charger can be mounted easily in VDE flush-mounted wall boxes, hallow boxes or corner boxes.

The elastic back drop prevents the smartphone coming into contact with wallpaper and the spring force controlled charging connecter makes it easy to connect and disconnect and keeps the device in a secure charging position.

“Easy to install, the Busch-powerDock makes high-speed smartphone charging at home, at work, in hotels and commercial buildings a reality,” concluded Mike Mustapha.

1. source: Statista