Life Cycle Management Update

2018-01-31 - Technical information 1SDC210347M0201 LCM status update announcement for ABB Low Voltage Products #17

  1. Introduction

Dear Sirs,

with the present update we inform you about changes on Life Cycle Phases Status of the ABB Low Voltage products for BU EPPC indicated on point 2, according to the ABB LCM definition.
In point 2 you also may find the list of the Last Buy opportunity for dismissed products.

After the indicated date the availability of these products is not guaranteed anymore.

Product LCM phases are outlined below:

For more information on low voltage products life cycle management and available services please visit EPPC Service web page.

2. Summary of main changes in this release

Switches & Fusegear
Motor starters & Contactors
Launches: Active to Classic Limited to Obsolete Additional comments

Arc Guard System Pilot Devices Electronic Relays and Controls
Active Products

Non Active Products
Announcement for 2018 - 2019
Safety Products
“Last buy date” of July 2018:
Power Enclosures
Artu K:

  3. LCM products next update Announcement

Here attached you may find complete list of announcement of changes in the Life Cycle status and Last Buy opportunities of Low Voltage products:
Important note; in the xls file you will also find suggested price increase indications

  4. To whom it may concern

Here below the documentation for customers:

Note: Product phases could be different by countries.
The indications in this document are valid for all Countries except China and India (for which you are requested to select the dedicated LCM status plan 1SDC210347M0202-1SDC210347M0203).